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Are you pregnant in Japan? "Maternity Kizunamail" for Pregnant Foreigners in Japan.



We are planning to launch an English newsletter “Maternity Kizunamail” for pregnant moms and dads in Japan. Our goal is to help expectant parents from different countries feel safe, secure, healthy, and happy about their pregnancy.

This newsletter is intended to provide psychological and emotional supports as well as medically supervised daily pregnancy journal. You can utilize the newsletter to track down your baby growth in Japanese pregnancy terms (10 month/ 40 weeks).

Test subscription is available from now, please help us by subscribing to the newsletter and please kindly answer the survey questionnaires scheduled at the end of August.

Send a message or read a QR code below to subscribe the newsletter.


●About “Maternity Kizunamail”
・Content: “Pregnancy Counter(week/ month)”, “Today’s Baby” and “For Today’s Mother” will be delivered to you everyday until your registered baby delivery date. Pregnancy related Japanese tradition, myth, culture will be also explained in the newsletter.
・Targeted readers: English speaking(literate) pregnant mothers and fathers
・Readers survey is scheduled when the subscribers to Kizunamail reach the sufficient number. Please kindly help us improve the newsletter content by answering questionnairs.
・You can continue to read our newsletter until your baby delivery date once you signed up.

We would be very happy if you could share our newsletter in order to reach more pregnant parents. We hope the pregnancy newsletter will ease any anxiety you may have about expecting child in a foreign country.


●About “MAMA translation project”
Maternity Kizunamail is translated from the original content of the Japanese version by Mama translation project in collaboration with freelance team “mamimu”.
The Japanese version of Kizunamail is currently distributed in 32 local governments, in child-rearing section, across the country. The newsletter service has been well-accepted among expectant parents as “relieving” and “encouraging”. This is the epitome of our MAMA translation, to make mothers feel less isolated due to language barriers. We hope this journal will help them be more engaged in our society.

MAMA translating project Facebook page

【Project Manager Shiori Nakano】
Freelance translator in medical field. Majored English language in College and previously worked in various fields of foreign-owned firm professionally. In order to balance work with parenting, chose to be a work-from-home translator. A mother of two daughters and a former subscriber to “Kizunamail”.


【Dr.Michael D. Fetters】
Professor, Family Medicine; Director, Japanese Family Health Program; Co-Director, University of Michigan Mixed Methods Program. 1995: Bachelor of Arts, Japanese Studies, Ohio State University. 1989: Medical Doctor, Ohio State University. 1992: Family Medicine Residency, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 1994: Master of Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 1998: Master of Arts, Interdisciplinary Program in Health and Humanities, Michigan State University. Certification of Family Medicine.


MAMA translation project:  Project’s advertisement poster recruiting volunteers

MAMA translation project: How we worked with volunteers

***Please kindly note that test subscription may end for service renewal without pre-notice.

マタニティきずなメール英語版 配信テスト モニター協力のお願い

在留外国人の方に、安心して妊娠期を過ごし、出産を迎えていただけるよう「マタニティきずなメール」原稿を英語に翻訳した「Maternity Kizunamail」が完成しました。この度、メールによる配信テストを開始しました。




●Maternity Kizunamai について
・内容:出産予定日まで毎日“赤ちゃんの様子”と“今日のママへ”のメッセージが届きます。 日本独特の妊娠期の過ごし方・妊娠にまつわる文化・慣習等、外国人ママ・パパが戸惑いがちなことも分かりやすく表記しています。



Maternity Kizunamailは、育児中のフリーランスチーム〈mamimu(マミム)〉と協働で立ち上げた『MAMA翻訳プロジェクト』を経て、現在32自治体で配信されている日本語版のコンテンツをもとに翻訳しています。ことばの壁で「孤育て」になりがちな外国人ママ、パパにコンテンツの翻訳は、ボランティアの現役ママと専門家のプロジェクトチームによって実現されました。

MAMA翻訳プロジェクト Facebookページ 

【プロジェクトリーダー 中野汐里】

【医療情報監修者 Michael D. Fetters (マイク・フェターズ先生)】

MAMA翻訳プロジェクト ボランティア募集のチラシ

MAMA翻訳プロジェクト ボランティアの作業の様子